Flame and Static Resistant Cooling AlBert SN46310X by wholesale

Flame and Static Resistant Cooling AlBert SN46310X
Brand: AlBert
Item code: CL0001
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Minimum order: 5000
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Main characteristics
Colors Available hisivi yellow, hivisi orange
Main Material flame and static resistant high visibility materials.
Size eu US/UK AS/NZS asian
Standards EN11612 EN1149-3 EN471
Applications and Protective Features Petrochemical and gas fields, outdoor work, firefighting rescue, metal smelting industries Flame and static resistant, cooling
Other Inner insert hard gel of cooling-plate storage. Size can be made to customer need. Suitable for hot climate environment to help people cool down the body temperature by 25℃, avoiding heat summation and heatstroke. hard gel of cooling-plate storagean be