Arc Flash Rain Trousers Antony Gill8414 by wholesale

Arc Flash Rain Trousers Antony Gill8414
Brand: Antony Gill
Item code: RT0001
Availability: By order
Minimum order: 5000
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This product has a minimum quantity of 5000
Main characteristics
Colors Available hi-visi yellow
Main Material viziarctm pvc coated aramid
Size US/UK eu asian sizes
Standards ASTM D6413 ASTM F1891 ANSI 107 ATPV=118cal/cm2
Applications and Protective Features Oil/gas fields, oil refineries, chemical industry, power industries, outdoor work. Providing protection against flame, wind and water
Other Fire retardant, offering good protection against electric arc exposure. Elastic at waist of trousers, braid and sanps a both sides to adjust the waist size. Legs hem on both sides widened and closed by zippers for wearing rain boots more conveniently.