Coverall LakeLand NS CoolSuit by wholesale

Coverall  LakeLand NS CoolSuit

Coverall  LakeLand NS CoolSuit Coverall  LakeLand NS CoolSuit

Brand: Binovo
Item code: DG0002
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MicroMAX NS cool Suit is a Type 5&6 single use protective coverall that offers the best of protection with a high level of comfort derived from breath ability.


● The back of the coverall features a large panel of highly breathable Safegard 76 material-in blue for easy identification.

● This enables the suit to breath easily, making MicroMAX NS Cool Suit comfortable in the warmest of working environments.

● MicroMAX NS Cool Suit is constructed using blue bound seams for superior strength proerties and improved particle and liquid repellency at the seams.

● Great thumb-loop design to make the user experience better



● Protection against light splashes of low hazard liquids and hazardous dry particles.

● Paint spraying (non-linting surface).

● Clean room (may require additional cleaning).

● General cleaning and maintenance applications.

● Asbestos removal and handling.

● Food processing applications.

● Protection against oils and resins.

● Pharmaceutical processing and manufacture.

● Electronic assembly (non-linting and anti-static).