Insulated Jacket Clover Ser45N45 by wholesale

Insulated Jacket Clover Ser45N45
Brand: Clover
Item code: JA0005
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Main characteristics
Colors Available orange, navy blue, dark navy, red, green, gray, yellow, black, white
Main Material tecasafetm plus 700 twill, 237g/m2 (7.0oz), made by tencate usa.
Size en US/UK asian AS/NZS
Standards EN11612 NFPA2112 GB8965 NFPA70E-HARC2
Applications and Protective Features Oil/gas fields, oil refineries, electric power industry Flame resistant, antistatic, arc flash protective
Other Shell fabric is durably flame and static resistant. Four layer structure: Shell fabric, moisture barrier, insulation and FR comfort liner. Double layer heavy duty high performance InsulatecTM winter fleece. Uniquely cold protection technology, soft and