Insulated Winter Coverall Clover Ser103N15 by wholesale

Insulated Winter Coverall Clover Ser103N15
Brand: Clover
Item code: CO0005
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Minimum order: 100
Price: $65.38-$65.75
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Main characteristics
Colors Available royal navy blue, orange, red, black
Main Material nomex iiia, 200g/m2 (6.0oz), made by tencate usa.
Size en US/UK asian AS/NZS
Standards EN11612 EN1149 NFPA2112 AS2755 GB8965
Applications and Protective Features Oil/gas fields, oil refineries, chemical industry, electric power industry
Other Plain weave fabric, one-piece design. Superior and lasting resistance to flame and static. Lined with moisture barrier, insulation and comfortable FR face cloth. fleece insulation, soft and comfortable texture. Suitable for extremely cold and wet climate.